The natural warming lube by YESforLOV warms the mucous membranes for hot romantic sex and moments of erotic passion.

In order to care for and respect your erotic body, this natural lubricant has been formulated with purified water with more than 99% of its ingredients from a natural origin.

This warming lubricant raises the hot intensity during your games of desire and allows you to increase blood flow to your erogenous areas so that you can experience higher levels of sensitivity and excitability.  

It is great for masturbation as well as sensual lovemaking and can be used with condoms and sex toys. Thanks to its unparalleled formula, this lubricant will be there for the long ride.

Its texture feels like your body’s natural lube, so it knows how to be forgotten, while its delightful effects will bring you to new heights so that you can enjoy its sweet sensations.

Tested under gynecological control, the natural warming lube by YESforLOV is great for people of all sexualities and will not do anything to harm your natural pH.

Turn up the heat safely with this natural hot lubricant

Compatible with sex toys and condoms.

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