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SMARTBALL UNO, white | grape

This smartball makes it possible to train your pelvic floor muscles in a playful and fun way. During everyday activities the Smartball uno trains the sensitivity of the inner muscles, strengthening the pelvic floor muscle. The Smartball uno with just one ball is fantastic for beginners and for women with a prolapsed or tipped uterus to get their pelvic muscles back in shape. Muscles that are in shape mean more sensation during sex, in other words make the climax after training possible! Smartball uno is extremely quiet, smooth running and the steady, fast rotation of the inner ball has been developed by some very innovative technology. An ergonomically shaped finger hollow makes insertion easy. A woman can go about her day without interruption and at the same time be training diligently. The Smartball can be inserted in the vagina lengthwise and the retrieval band remains outside the body. Some may be a little disappointed that using vaginal balls doesn't lead to orgasm. However, sex after training is even more passionate and enjoyable. A woman has more sensation during sex. And for the man, the snug hold feels great. 

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