Pjur® Toy Clean, bottle, 100ml

Keeping erotic articles clean and hygienic is the alpha and the omega of healthy sexuality. We, therefore, recommend the utmost hygiene and care for erotic toys once the fun has been enjoyed to the full: Pjur Toy Clean. Erotic toys can of course be cleaned with soap and water – but it’s best to play it safe and use Pjur Toy Clean. It contains no alcohols or perfumes at all and its formulation ensures a careful hygienic cleaning of the erotic product. Moreover, as such, it does not attack alcohol-sensitive materials such as latex, rubber, glass, silicone, and leather. Furthermore, it has been dermatologically tested and is colorless and neutral in taste. Pjur Toy Lube and Pjur Toy Clean are an optimal addition to the Pjur portfolio, and not only for toy fans! Compatible with latex condoms.

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