Palm Power

Palm Power - PalmPleasure™ pleasure heads attachments


* Designed to fit the PalmPower range of massagers *

The attachments for the Palm Power will bring you a completely different kind of pleasure than you are used to. These attachments that fit on the Palm Power Massager and can be easily attached. Since the attachments are made of silicone, they feel wonderfully soft on the skin and you can also easily clean them. Playing with the Palm Power feels even nicer this way and will also bring you into a completely different kind of ecstasy.

There are no seams on the attachments and this also means that they are very durable and will last a long time. If you are looking for a wonderful massage for the ultimate parts, then these are really the attachments you should try. We are convinced that you will enjoy it to the fullest. Just like the Palm Power, the attachments are also waterproof, which means that you can also use them when you take a shower or bathe. This will also give you a wonderful feeling with the warm water, which then plays a role.

Palm Power is a very versatile device that you will enjoy a lot. Because it is so easy to change the attachments, it will seem as if you are always playing with a different toy. Enough reason to discover all the possibilities of this device. A good start is to try out the Palm Power Pleasure Heads.

This PalmPleasure set includes a rabbit-ears attachment for clitoral and frenulem stimulation and a flutter attachment to excite any erogenous zone you can think of. Just slip either attachment over the head of your PalmPower Wand, switch it on, and indulge yourself. 

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