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This box contains:

- One titillating massage oil (30ml).

- One excitement gel for women (10g).

- One Cherry flavored body pencil.

- One caressing feather

TITILLATING MASSAGE OIL. The light, non-greasy texture won’t stain clothing or sheets. Enriched with passion fruit, damiana, rosemary, and sweet almond oils to enhance relaxation. Spiced up with a dash of ginger extract for a shiver of excitement.

EXCITEMENT GEL FOR WOMEN. This gel acts right at the source of female excitement. Before, during, and after. Just a drop on the clitoris to heighten the desire through a peppermint shiver. Slowly build arousal with a gentle massage and take her to unexplored regions of pleasure.

CHERRY-FLAVOURED BODY PENCIL. Color the body, and decorate the hips. Time for a tactile conversation, written on bare skin, before your bodies intertwine.

CARESSING FEATHER. Make him endure the most exquisite torture.

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