INTIMATE LUBRICANT 100% SILICONE - thick consistency



YESforLOV Ultimate Thickness Lubricant is an analogue silicone lubricant that provides very, very long-lasting lubrication.

The secret of this anal lubricant lies in its lubricating power and its thick viscosity able to increase tenfold the sensations and to reduce the pains often felt by the strong dilatations, in particular at the time of a rather dynamic anal report or the practice of fist. Its transparent texture and without perfume does not run and its lubricating effect is 7 to 8 times higher than that of a water-based lubricant.

Hypoallergenic, tested under gynecological control, compatible with condoms, this long-lasting anal lubricant is suitable for all types of mucosa, even the most fragile.

This lubricant anal gel invites itself discreetly in your pleasures whatever your sexual orientation and the intensity of your reports. It offers to one to as the other always more comfort and wellbeing, quite particularly in the event of extreme dilatations and of rather muscular penetrations.

Its inert, water-resistant, non-irritating formula minimizes the risk of allergy and effectively slows down the proliferation of parasitic bacteria such as fungus .

It is the perfect intimate lubricant for thrill seekers who are looking for a quality anal lubricant that combines performance and safety. It is dedicated to the informed users for whom sodomy has no more secret.

To make anal sex better, more pleasant, no matter how intense your lovemaking, such are the promise and guarantee of our anal lubricant.

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