INTIMATE LUBRICANT 100% SILICONE - light consistency



YESforLOV Ultimate Lubricant is a silicone-based lubricating and massaging gel that offers very, very long-lasting performance in intimate relations.

The first secret of this intimate lubricant lies in the versatility of its formula perfectly adapted to all the love preliminaries like massage. It is also very powerful for tantrism, slow sex, personal masturbation, or in two, and for the caresses of the erogenous zones as the clitoris is so sensitive to sexual excitation.

Transparent and fragrance-free, its silky, non-greasy texture gives your skin incredible softness and a slightly satiny appearance.

The second secret of this massage lubricant is its very long-lasting lubricating effect, 5 times superior to that of a water-based lubricant.

The small more of this gel of lubricating massage is the more it can be also used in protected love affairs.
Contrary to the oils of massage, this gel 2-in-1 "Massage and Lubricant" is compatible with condoms.

Hypoallergenic, and tested under gynecological control, this massage oil and lubricant is suitable for all types of mucous membranes, even the most fragile, and invites you to offer each other more softness, pleasure, and comfort, regardless of your sexual orientation.

Its inert, water-resistant, non-irritating formula minimizes the risk of allergy and limits the proliferation of mycosis-type bacteria. It is the perfect lubricant for those subject to intimate discomfort, allergies and fungal infections.

To make sex more playful, more complicity and more fun for everyone, such is its promise. 

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