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FUN CUP SIZE A KIT, Pink & Turquoise



Your menstrual period becomes so much more pleasant. Size A of the FUN CUP has the perfect fit for comfortable protection, keeps your vagina healthy, saves money on your wallet, and contributes to a cleaner environment through less waste.
Don't let your period get in your way! The FUN cup size A absorbs 4 times as much as a tampon - so you can focus on other things and not have to think about when you need to go to the toilet next time. The small Cup, SIZE A, is intended for lighter days or women with a shorter vaginal canal. In addition, you can use the smaller menstrual cup in case of any intermittent bleeding and just before the start of your period to be on the safe side.

Size A has a firm top edge and a pointed tip - designed for a snug fit and easy positioning and insertion. The silicone in the center of the cup is soft for maximum comfort, but strong enough for easy insertion and removal.
Are you going out? Take your Cup with you in the special included antibacterial bag, so that you always have your Cup with you when you need it.
  • Set with 2x Size A Menstrual Cups & an antibacterial storage bag
  • Protection for the lighter days
  • Suitable for a shorter vaginal canal
  • Comfortable anatomical design
  • Cheaper than tampons and pads
  • Made of medical grade silicone
  • 5.3cm; diameter 4 cm; 20 ml
    (captures 4x more than a tampon)
FUN CUP SIZE A - The Smaller Menstrual Cup

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