COUPLES ELIXIR sensations & prowess


YESforLOV has created the first orgasmic gel that every erotic couple can enjoy during intercourse. This aphrodisiac cream has been formulated with 89% natural ingredients and has been specifically developed to intensify the sensitivity of the clitoris while prolonging the pleasure of the penis so that those sweet sensations and moments of erotic passion are prolonged.

Performance and enjoyment are multiplied. 

This elixir for couples invites itself to take part in your games of desire so that you both can experience massive orgasms and sexual sensuality together.

The exquisite hot and cold sensations produced by our active ingredients will allow you to feel adult pleasures, unlike anything you've felt before. These cosmetic active ingredients vascularize the erectile tissue and optimize the interconnections between the skin and nervous system to create a deeper and more crazy orgasm for everyone involved.  

And for even more pleasure, our couple's elixir has a wild strawberry aroma just in case you want to enjoy a romantic kiss on their most sensitive parts.

What you call an orgasm, I call an erotic symphony.

Compatible with sex toys and condoms.

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