Bijoux Indiscrets

MAZE - X Harness black


Welcome to the sexy world of the MAZE X Harness. This harness was made to empower its wearer and make them feel like they’re ready to tantalize their partner (or themselves!) with every breath. The front two straps of the MAZE X Harness are locked into place with metal rings on the ribcage-level belt and caress the breasts as they go up and over the shoulders where they connect to the belt in a criss-cross fashion. The X across the back gives a whole new meaning to “X marks the spot.”

This thorax-hugging harness is made of recyclable materials and when it’s time to be washed, can be easily cleaned with a mild soap and cloth. The MAZE X Harness is PETA approved VEGAN so you can wear it knowing all the sexiness you’re feeling is cruelty-free.

Thorax band size: Min: 80 cm – Max: 86 cm, Min: 31'49 in - Max: 33'85 in 
1 additional extender:  25cm (93,94 in)



Discover the MAZE collection from Bijoux Indiscrets, a stunning range of BDSM accessories crafted from high-quality materials like vegan leather and brass. From handcuffs to harnesses, each piece is designed to provide comfort and durability while elevating your pleasure. Plus, the collection is environmentally friendly, so you can indulge in your desires without harming the planet. Shop the MAZE collection today and experience the perfect combination of style and sensuality.

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