MASSAGE OIL with a bewitching scent


A relaxing and sensual body massage oil with an aphrodisiac perfume. It has a light texture, is non-greasy, and does not stain clothes or sheets.

The YESforLOV body oil with a bewitching scent has been enriched with sweet almond oil for its moisturizing properties, rosemary extracts to help with relaxation, and a spicy aroma with a hint of ginger to enhance its aphrodisiac qualities.

The YESforLOV bewitching massage oil has been specifically designed to nourish the skin and awaken your senses with its heavenly scent.

Ideal for a seductive massage; go ahead and explore your partner's erotic body with this clever blend of natural body oils that will bring their secret desires to life.

The secret of this massage treatment lies within its monoi fragrance, which is sweet and warm with floral notes.

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