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The intimate mist from YESforLOV is an all-over body mist spray that mixes perfectly with your skin's natural scent, rather than masking it. This way, you can add a spicy aroma to your skin while still enticing your partner with your own delightful scent.

Tested under gynecological control, our formula is respectful of your skin (vulva and penis included) so that you can spray your entire erotic body without worry of irritation. Go ahead and enjoy a feeling of freshness that will last throughout the entire day.

One of the secrets of this aphrodisiac perfume lies in the warm fragrance of the frangipani flower. Both delicious and sensual, this heavenly scent will entice your partner to want to give you an erotic kiss right where you expect it the least but want it the most. Elegant and refined, this sensual body mist spray by YESforLOV was designed so that every centimeter of your skin can incite desire through its erotic beauty.

Go ahead and spray yourself generously wherever you desire. Anywhere, anytime! It is always better to be prepared in case something unexpected comes up.

There is no doubt that your partner will remember this scent, not just because of how delightful it was, but because of the evening, you shared while you were wearing it.

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