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Die box der bedeutungsvollen unterhaltungen - German Version


Are you looking for a game that you can play with your partner and enjoy while killing some time and enriching your relationship? Then look no further than our card game, The Box of Meaningful Conversations!

It features the traditional conversation starter game for couples. Some of the game cards might get a little spicy, so make sure no one can disturb you!

What Makes It So Great For Couples?

  • The key to a great date is a great game! This card game contains 130 conversation starter cards that have been developed by a professional couple’s therapist who is excellent at what they do. Play a game that will strengthen your bond as a couple; you have nothing to lose!
  • A Thrilling Night. Throughout one evening, you will learn more about your partner through four categories of questions. Also, some questions can add spice to an exciting conclusion.
  • Easy To Play. This couples game can be played anytime, anywhere – at home, on vacation, or even on the road. The game follows only one rule, simply pick a card and ask the questions away!
  • Ideal Gift For Couples! If you’re looking for a valentine’s or anniversary gift, then our The Box of Meaningful Conversations is the best pick! It contains a romantic twist on your traditional therapy games!

    Version: Classic Edition in German

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