An intimate warming massage oil with an apple-raspberry aroma. A very special dessert where our naked bodies serve as the table.

Kiss, lick, nibble, and savour your partner's body with our flavoured oil for erotic foreplay.

The delicious YESforLOV brush invites you to linger on the erogenous zones of your partner's erotic body so that you can enjoy its delicious apple-raspberry taste.

Formulated with natural and vegan ingredients, our delicious body brushes invite you to enjoy a sexy and unforgettable culinary experience for erotic foreplay and sweet sensations.

Draw shapes... tickle their erogenous zone!
Place a few drops of warming massage oil there.
Blow on the desired area to activate the heating effect.
Finally, taste its delicious apple-raspberry aroma on your partner’s cherry lips.

To taste without moderation, you can also add to the pleasure by using the sparkling oral sex candy or adding it to our water-based lubricating gels.  

This favoured body oil for oral sex has been tested on reconstructed mucous membranes under dermatological control to ensure its ability to be applied to all parts of the body.

Its 50ml bottle allows it to be conveniently taken everywhere with you while its body brush allows you to apply the necessary amount of sensual body oil without any mess. Go ahead and stimulate their erogenous zone with our sensual brush so that you can reserve your clean hands for other activities. 

Our delicious oil for oral sex will be sure to stimulate your tongue as well as the most sensitive parts of your partner’s erotic body. Available in the flavours of lemonade, apple-raspberry, cotton candy, and red fruit.

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