INTIMATE LUBRICANT 100% SILICONE - medium consistency


YESforLOV Ultimate Lubricant Medium is a very versatile silicone intimate lubricant gel that provides a very, very long-lasting glide!

Whatever your desires, the intensity of your sexual relations will be superbly multiplied.

The secret of this intimate lubricant lies in its multi-use formula adapted for all the lovemaking preliminaries, and for all vaginal or anal penetrations. Its transparent texture and without perfume leaves the silky and not fatty skin and its lubricating effect of very long duration is 5 to 6 times higher than that of a traditional water-based lubricant.  

Hypoallergenic, tested under gynecological control, and compatible with condoms, this long-lasting intimate lubricant is suitable for all types of mucous membranes, even the most fragile, regardless of your sexual orientation.

Its inert, water-resistant, non-irritating formula minimizes the risk of allergy and limits the proliferation of bacteria such as mycosis. It is the perfect intimate lubricant for those who seek a polyvalent lubricant that will answer yes to all your desires

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