Attachment caps Womanizer – Premium, Classic , Liberty, Starlet2


When purchasing the womanizer Premium, Classic and Liberty, 2 caps are included in the package. One on the womanizer, this is size M and one extra in a sealed package, this is size S.
With the Starlet 2, this is only size M. Loose caps in sizes S, M & L are available from us in the desired color and size.  

The package contains 3 caps of the same size! Choose the size that suits you.

Why are there replacement caps?

Does your Womanizer air pressure vibrator need a makeover? Just nice and fresh again? Then the Womanizer Head 3 Pack is ideal.
Your Womanizer will look and feel like new again, and with 3 new caps, you will have many hours of fun to look forward to.

Compatible with the Womanizer Premium, Classic, Liberty, and Starlet 2 models

When a cap needs to be replaced depends on how well you clean and dry the cap and how you store the womanizer.
On average, after about 6 months, a cap needs to be replaced with regular use.

What is the difference in the sizes of the caps?

The replacement caps in a medium are the standard Womanizer size and fit most women.

  • The difference in sizes S & M is that size S is lower than M. This also makes the feeling more intense.The opening is equal and approximately 11mm x 17mm
  • Size L is a new size with a completely different design, similar to the caps on the older models such as Womanizer Pro and Pro40. The opening is larger and round and the cap is higher. Given the demand for the caps of the older models that fit the new models, this extra model has been released and has been given the name size L.


Material: Silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation 1907/2006/EC.

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