What are the best places to have sex in winter?

Sex is good exercise, as is finding the right places to have it.. But where do you do it when there is snow outside and the temperature is below zero? You might think that sex in winter is back-breaking. But we think differently about this. Whether you like to go on a ski holiday, or sit with your partner by a warm fire. There are countless ways to keep your libido active, even when temperatures drop.

Since you can have sex in many places, you will need to find a place where no one will catch you and it is warm at the same time. That the best place to have sex should feel safe, is paramount. Intimacy can bring a sense of pleasure and contentment. It is essential to feel at ease and not be concerned with of someone discovering you in the private act. And to accommodate you in this, in this article you will find the best places to have sex with your partner in the winter. Happy reading!


The best places to have sex

Sex in winter can sometimes be tricky. Not only do you want to have sex at the most un-sexy time of the year, but you also have much less choice for a good spot. Nevertheless, there are plenty of options for all lovers of ski huts and hot tubs. Ultimately, you just want to enjoy each other somewhere where it is private and warm.

If you are looking for a few ideas to stimulate your imagination in the winter, check further. We've come up with some of the best places that will get your blood pump in an interesting way until spring arrives again.

A sauna or wellness

If you ask us what are the best places to have sex in winter, visiting a spa with your significant other can be an incredibly romantic and sensual experience. Hot sauna equals hot sex. Although these places are not immediately obvious, the heat of the hot tub, the humidity of the sauna, and the soothing atmosphere of the pool all lend themselves to a heightened sense of closeness and intimacy. The warm atmosphere is perfect for enjoying each other's embrace and you have plenty of room to move around and lie together on a towel. Additionally, you will sweat a lot, which gets rid of toxins and boosts your blood circulation! Give your partner a relaxing spa day as a way to spark intimacy or cultivate sexual thoughts. At least you don't have to worry about undressing each other anymore!

Sex in the pool

Having sex in swimming pool is an excellent way to make your sex session even more intimate. If you live in a tropical country, warm climate or have a heated swimming pool, you can easily go from buttocks in the pool. Want to bring some more romance into the game?  Then use a few colorful lights and point them at the pool. This will take the swimming session to the next level in no time. It will be more interesting than showering together, and it will be less slippery!

In nature

Even though it's cold outside. When you see each other's bodies, you will naturally warm it up. So you don't necessarily need a hot tub, heater or fire. Find a nice blanket, made of fleece or wool, for example, take a walk through the woods and enjoy each other's body heat. It does not have to be a public place. Maybe you have a garden house or a cozy garden bed where you can lie down.

In the ski hut

If you are looking for some extra tension, it is best to have sex in the ski hut. The whole atmosphere creates an ultimate moment between you and your partner. An excellent place to enjoy each other's bodies and warm each other up.  Taking the scenic route in winter can lead you to a place of seclusion, where you can stop and penetrate your partner in the midst of a wintery landscape. This experience may give you a newfound appreciation for the season.

Ski Lift

If you are headed up the mountain for skiing, snowboarding, or any other activity, why not make the most of the trip by engaging in a quickie during the ride on the ski lift? The journey to the top of the mountain will surely be a memorable one.

The cinema

Anyone who goes to the cinema more often knows that it is the ideal place to love. Stimulating each other's bodies while enjoying a movie provides some extra tension and sensation. Of course you don't want to be caught, so sit in a spot in the back of the room. Don’t choose a very exciting movie, or else you might miss some key scenes!

In front of the fireplace

Having sex in places in front of the fireplace is incredibly romantic. There are many factors that contribute to the tension and sensation of sexual activity. First, you're safe and you don't have to worry about prying eyes. The warmth of the fireplace and the crackling wood also provides extra sensation and adventure.

In a ferris wheel

With the Christmas markets in full swing, it's time to make a trip to the top of the world with a personal carriage ride. While it may be a bit shaky, be sure to stay grounded and take it slow while you're high up. Don't get too carried away and savor the journey to the top!

Under the Christmas tree

If you have your own house and have already set up a Christmas tree, lie nearby. Turn on the Christmas lights and create a romantic atmosphere. Light the fireplace or set the stove to a pleasant temperature. Cozy up by, for example, grabbing a pile of blankets or pillows. Put on a Christmas movie and enjoy each other's presence.

In a themed hotel room

Have you ever been in a love hotel? As their name suggest, love hotels are designed to give couples a space to spend some quality time together, undisturbed. The rooms are outfitted with the luxuries to make it special - from a large double bed, a television with suggesting programming, a restful bathroom and even a whirlpool! Staying at a hotel offers you the opportunity to order room service, set up music, and adjust the lighting, atmosphere, and temperature to your liking. You can make love on the bed, in the shower, on the floor or sofa. If you want to do it safely, you have access to condoms and possibly lubricant. The best? You can be noisy and moan as loudly as you want!


What place are you not allowed to have sex?

There are several places that are not suitable for sex. After all, you don't want to put anyone in danger. Therefore, be careful about the choice of a location and always be mindful of the risks when selecting a place for sex.

At a Christmas market or garden center, it's better to avoid doing it. This location is mainly intended for other activities such as drinking mulled wine or eating churros. The skating rink is also difficult for sexual activity. The slippery surface in combination with iron skates can lead to a painful experience. In addition, it is possible that you are spotted and you have to leave the track. For example, you can choose to continue your sexual fantasies at home after an activity, while enjoying a glass of mulled wine!


Conclusion: placing sex in winter

The possibilities are endless. The place and time stop when you have sex is up to you. Try to be creative. That will make the experience a lot hotter. Of course, having sex in a new place is incredibly thrilling and can be nerve-wracking. However, with a little bit of imagination, you and your partner can bring your connection to new levels of intensity.

Hopefully, you have received an answer to the question of what is the best place to have sex in the winter. Sex is not only beautiful, hot and exciting. It is also an adventurous moment that you should enjoy together to the fullest. Although there are an awful lot of places where you can give a turn, the places mentioned above are the safest and most comfortable to make love.

As you can see, this winter is only getting hotter!

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