Bijoux Indiscrets

MAZE - Wide Belt & Restraints Black


From the onset, the three-harness belt with a metal ring in the middle looks like the type of belt you’d want to wear over a dress or shirt as a statement accessory. It catches the eye immediately and brings attention to the waist and hips. But, if you look closer, there’s more there. Lean in and you’ll realize that the middle harness can be detached from the belt. Once detached, you can pass both sides through the front ring, and you have two wrist restraints. If that wasn’t enough sexiness for you, the clasp strip that wraps around the back then becomes a leash. Next step? Let your partner take the leash and guide you so as to make you the perfect submissive.

Made of recycled and PETA-approved VEGAN materials, the MAZE Wide Belt and Restraints can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and soap.

Waist: Min: 60cm (23.62 in) - Max: 83cm (32.68 in)
3 additional extenders: 25cm (9.84 in)


Discover the MAZE collection from Bijoux Indiscrets, a stunning range of BDSM accessories crafted from high-quality materials like vegan leather and brass. From handcuffs to harnesses, each piece is designed to provide comfort and durability while elevating your pleasure. Plus, the collection is environmentally friendly, so you can indulge in your desires without harming the planet. Shop the MAZE collection today and experience the perfect combination of style and sensuality.

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