SHEET FRAGRANCE with a titillating fragrance


An incredibly sensual aphrodisiac perfume made for your bed, sheets, clothes, drapes, curtains, and more.

Discover the YESforLOV sheet fragrance with a warm and spicy aroma, made to spray on lingerie, sheets, and drapes so that you can put your body on alert and senses in turmoil. 

Let this aroma spice up your lingerie and act as the ideal preliminary for your naughtiest evenings. Deliciously greedy and sensual, our titillating sheet fragrance is clearly a scent with love at the base of its formulation. It is simply pleasuring in its purest form, ready to awaken the magic and bring your bodies together.

This aroma scent for the sheets is guaranteed paraben-free and will not irritate the skin. It has been tested rigorously under dermatological control. 

Your bras, panties, and bed sheets are ready to discover the sweet sensations that this new weapon of seduction by YESforLOV is about to bring! There is no doubt that this perfume will add some sexual sensuality to your moments of tenderness with its unforgettable olfactory scents, which will forever be stamped in your partner's mind.

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