Christine le Duc

Renee Stunning Body-Set - Black - Christine le Duc


3 Piece Body Set Renee; consisting of a super seductive body, a soft lace neck strap and a sexy garter belt. To make it extra exciting, Bodyset Renee has an open crotch. This set comes from the collection of Christine le Duc.

  • Lace body
  • Open crotch
  • Easy fit
  • Very tempting
  • must-have
  • Stockings: Exclusive
  • Motif: Mixed
  • Accessories: Exclusive
  • Material: 10% Elastane, 90% Polyester

Brand: Christine le Duc. Body Renee is a super lingerie seductive body with an exciting open crotch. The accessories are exclusive.


  • Available in the following sizes: L/XL S/M
  • Fit: Close-fitting
  • Sizing: Normal fit

Washing instructions

  • Washing temperature: Hand wash
  • Bleach: No
  • Ironing: No
  • Dry cleaning: No
  • Tumble dryer: No

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