A pleasure vibrator shaped and designed in a way that allows a blend of different sensations that takes you to climax in style. The performances of this erogenous stimulator make it the most exciting of sensual accessories.

LOV’touch is a vibrating clitoral stimulator that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand for a seductive tease at the edge of your most precious parts.

This erotic beauty produces silent vibrations while also being super effective and versatile, like a vibrating togue.

With 4 vibration modes and 6 different speeds, you will be taken straight to climax with blissfully vibrant orgasms.

It’s like a vibrating egg, but better, because the curves hug the shape of the vulva perfectly while also fitting comfortably into the palm of your hand. Its shape gives you the ability to stimulate the entire erogenous region while its flexibility and tapered end lets you target specific areas.

Waterproof and silent, this clitoral stimulator can also be used as a massage roller.

Whether it’s used in the shower or the bedroom, you will be sure to enjoy massive orgasms that won’t be forgotten. And for optimal use, this clit vibrator comes with two 5ml packets of moisturizing intimate lube.

With an innovative design, high performance, and low price, the YESforLOV LOV’touch box will bring you your new favourite toy.

This box contains:
1 USB rechargeable erogenous stimulator - 10 vibration programs.
2 monodoses of YESforLOV moisturizing mixed lubricant (2*5ml).

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