EXCITEMENT GEL FOR WOMEN - Clitoral stimulating gel

An orgasmic and hypoallergenic clitoral gel, dedicated exclusively to female pleasure, specifically formulated to amplify and prolong the intensity of orgasms caused by the stimulation of the lips and the head of the clitoris.
Gentle and natural, the YESforLOV clitoral stimulating gel works softlyderm at the heart of arousal by stimulating the sensory agents of the vaginal walls to induce powerful, deep and diffuse orgasms. And take you to the unexplored heights of ecstasy. OH YES!

Specially formulated for the clitoral stimulation

This female arousal gel act like a catalyst of sensory sensors specifically developed to amplify the sensations felt during the orgasm that occurs after stimulation of the clitoral.

A formula for the most sensitive intimate areas
Because each sensitivity of intimate areas is different, the YESforLOV clitoral stimulating gel has been specifically formulated to act gradually and gently. Suitable for all types of mucus membranes, even the most delicate areas.

AA subtle fresh mint flavour
The YESforLOV clitoral stimulating gel is kissable, deliciously eatable and slightly minty. It can be safely ingested during oral sex.

An intimate and innovative applicator
The cosmetic applicator is made of several flexible nibs to apply the gel directly on the clitoris and labia for shuddering caresses.

A highly concentrated formula
A small amount of this orgasmic gel is enough. The tube will provide approximately 30 uses.


Apply just a drop of this gel on the clitoral area. Use circular movements, from top to bottom, varying angles, pressures and rhythms. Massage as you wish and let yourself get carried away by your inspiration in a whirlwind of deep pleasure… with or without your lover’s assistance.

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