NATURAL INTIMATE LUBRICANT with organic seaweed & without glycerine


Based on natural* (99.3%) and organic* (66.6%) ingredients, YESforLOV's intimate seaweed lubricant has been specifically formulated without glycerine and glycerine derivatives to offer you healthy and natural lubrication.

Moisturising and soothing, our users are certain to say so, this gliding concentrate made from freshly hand-harvested Brittany seaweed respects the pH of your vaginal flora and the osmolarity of your mucous membranes for serene and comfortable intercourse.

Colourless and odourless, the silky, natural texture of this intimate gel provides long-lasting lubrication to offer you unequalled comfort and mucous membranes that are always well hydrated. This iso-osmotic intimate lubricant (160 mOsm/kg) preserves the integrity of your sensations, protects your mucous membranes and invites itself into the heart of your intimacy like a wild bath.

Compatible with sex toys and condoms. Tube 100 ml - 3.4 fl. oz.

99.49 % of the ingredients are of natural origin. 63.20 % of the ingredients are of organic origin. According to ISO 16128, excluding water.

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