Spice up your foreplay with massage candles

Do you feel that sex with your partner has become a bit boring or that you need a little more innovation in your sex session? Foreplay during intimation always ends up being better.

But, like everything in life, you can end up in a routine where if you always do the same thing, the foreplay may also end up being boring. But imagine a passionate sexual encounter, full of desire and new positions, different games. Something that goes beyond monotonous. Sounds great, right? Therefore, here we tell you a very fun option to increase desire in bed.

Sometimes, we are afraid to experiment, but it is important to know that around us we have small objects that we can give them a spin and turn into a game to increase the excitement. One of these elements is massage candles.

Although it seems strange to you, these candles do not serve to illuminate, no. When the candle melts after lighting it, instead of wax, a hot oil comes out of the candle which, when flowing over the skin, acts as a relaxing stimulus to let yourself get passionately carried away. But don't worry if you think it will be too hot. Compared with traditional candles, massage candles are created to melt at a lower temperature. Likewise, they do not dry as quickly on the surface of the skin, but have a moisturizing effect, gently penetrating the body.

How do you use it?

Once the oil has melted, you can blow the candle and drop the liquid into your partner's body. With the hands, you can start an erotic massage through every corner of its skin, together discovering sensitive points with the touch. Its sensual scents will fill the room with an aphrodisiac fragrance that, along with some soft lighting, it will create an intimate and romantic atmosphere ideal to light up the flame of passion. A body full of sensations: smell, sight, and touch, but just magnified.

Where can you find it?

In our Beauty & Wellness section, you can find a selection of the best candles with totally natural and healthy ingredients. Every person is different, so you can choose and try diverse to see which one you like the most.


So if you want to give that special someone a surprise by offering a spicy moment, don't wait any longer. Start innovating with a daring erotic massage that will make you lose your mind.

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